Bride Lottery 24 My Ex-Wife by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances for young adults

Bride Lottery 24 My Ex-Wife

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A woman afraid of trusting a man again. The ex-husband desperate to get her back. The niece who will force them back together again.

Melinda Dillon was stupid to trust Shiloh with her heart. She won’t make that mistake again. But then her niece Daisy starts a vicious rumor about Shiloh that could get him killed. Now the only thing between Shiloh and a bullet is Mel and the truth.

Eight years ago Shiloh Beresford made the biggest mistake of his life. He divorced Mel. For eight years he’s been trying to convince her to take him back, but she keeps saying no. Then her niece’s gossip forces her right back into his arms.

A man trying to hang onto the woman he loves. A young girl trying to destroy him. The ex-wife who is about to stop her.

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