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Bride Lottery 1 Seven Sisters Lottery Day edition 2024 | Caty Callahan Bride Lottery Series


Bride Lottery 1: Seven Sisters

Thirteen men. Five women. For a lottery day, those were good odds.

Two blondes. Two sisters. The problem was that he stood in front of the wrong one.

March Lincoln is Abe Lincoln’s favorite daughter. She’s smart, she’s beautiful, and she’s single. But when March finally enters the lottery and finds the perfect man, her sister June enters and ruins everything. Now June’s on her fifth husband and March is in love with a man who likes her sister.

Wyatt Odair is new to Haddenfield and he knows nothing about the Lincoln family or the seven Lincoln sisters. Until he enters the lottery and stands in front of the wrong sister then ends up married to the right sister. March has zero interest in being with him now and won’t forgive him that one mistake. Before he knows it she’s moving to San Francisco. How’s a guy supposed to fall in love with his wife when she keeps running away?

Bride Lottery 2 Brennanmen Lottery Day edition 2024 | Caty Callahan Bride Lottery Series


Bride Lottery 2: Brennanmen

Thirteen men. Four women. One Brennan.

Six weeks before Lottery Day, four Brennan are brutally murdered on top of Hatchet Mountain. One survives and enters the lottery. As word spreads, Viking-like warriors with the name Brennan converge on the tiny town of Deer Hollow to seek revenge.

In a post-apocalyptic world where there is no government, men by the last name of Brennan represent the only justice. Reverently referred to as Brennanmen, they are tied by kin, guided by honor, and fueled by a need for justice.

Bride Lottery 3 Tree People Lottery Day edition 2024 | Caty Callahan Bride Lottery Series

Bride Lottery 3: Tree People

Twenty men. Two women. One Petitfois.

She was more than beautiful; she was gorgeous. He never stood a chance.

Sarafina Dramada knows entering the regular lottery could be a terrible mistake rather than entering the Petitfois lottery, but her mother is sick and she’s not sure how much longer she might have. The least she can do to ease her mother’s mind is marry a kind husband so her mother knows she’ll be cared for.

Sam Shepherd can barely string a sentence together when he sees the girl with the purple eyes. She’s not just beautiful; she’s stunning. When he gets her name in the lottery he knows he’s the luckiest man on the planet. Until he takes Sara to dinner with his parents and learns for the first time just how prejudiced they are against the Petitfois.

A woman with everything to lose. A man with everything to gain. Two young people are about to learn that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from–love finds a way.

Bride Lottery 4 Wild Child Lottery Day edition 2024 | Caty Callahan Bride Lottery Series

Bride Lottery 4: Wild Child

Twelve men. Five women. One wild child.

Marrying his bride would be one thing, taming her another.

Keira Fitzgerald is only in the lottery because her sister made her enter. She needs a husband about as much as she needs a hole in the head. But with each passing day and every conversation she begins to realize that not all men are mean like her brother-in-law. Some of them are kind-hearted.

Kevin Flannery knows a wild child when he sees one and Keira is definitely a wild child. The more he talks to Keira the more he realizes there’s a reason she avoids men and maybe what she really needs is a friend she can trust.

Two people from different backgrounds are about to fall in love and narrowly escape a killer.