Bride Lottery 18 Bird Bride by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances for young adults

Bride Lottery 18 Bird Bride

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A cute guy with a great farm. A beautiful girl with three siblings.

Chickadee Barn left Lakeside to avoid marrying the wrong man. The cute guy with the sun-kissed hair and hazel eyes was supposed to be the perfect catch, but he turned into a pumpkin in less than twenty-four hours. Now she’s headed back home to marry the last person she ever wanted to marry.

Dakota Cooper’s excitement on getting the gorgeous blonde lasted exactly twelve minutes. That’s how long it took to find out it was a package deal–her and her three siblings. He never planned on sharing his farm with four people. But before he can say boo another man is interested in his wife and gives her a huge diamond necklace without batting an eyelash. Suddenly he’s the jerk, not her.

A guy trying to make amends and a girl trying to keep her family fed. Fate’s gentle hand is about to lead them back…to each other. But first one of them is going to get shot.

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