Bride Lottery 29 Devoted by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances for young adults

Bride Lottery 29 Devoted

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Five years after her husband Max’s death, Kate McTierney finally enters the lottery again. But the man who gets her name is Tad Martin. Tad is young, impulsive, and follows Heather O’Leary around like all the other young men. She tries hard to remain just friends, but before she knows it, she’s fallen for a man in love with someone else.

Tad Martin goes to the lottery for Heather O’Leary, but ends up with Max Lafferty’s widow. He tries to remain cordial, knowing when they divorce she’ll take half his farm and half his bank account. Then a wonderful thing happens along the way–he falls in love with his wife. But all those little whispers from Heather that Kate will never love him the way she loved Max finally get to him and he makes the worst mistake of his life.

The most devoted wife in town is about to marry a young idiot. He’d better smarten up fast if he wants to keep her.

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