Bride Lottery 12 Wife for a Day by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances for young adults

Bride Lottery 12 Wife for a Day

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Fourteen men. One woman. A magistrate worried about losing his job.

Kate Maguire and her sisters move to Yellow Fields for the quiet farming community and the beautiful farmhouse. But when she rents herself out as Wife for a Day to earn money she ends up falling for handsome Colton Moran. Colton runs hot and cold. One minute he acts like he’s in love with her. The next he’s using that acid tongue of his to hurt her until she finally refuses to see him.

Colton Moran has never been an unkind man. But that changes when he falls for beautiful Kate Maguire. Now every other word out of his mouth is spiteful and jealous. She’s got half the men in town in love with her and even the women are hiring her to sew and cook for them. How’s a guy supposed to compete with that?

A woman ready to have a family. The wheat farmer anxious to marry her. For these two love is a roller coaster about to hit the steepest hill.

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