Bride Lottery 13 Lullaby by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances for young adults

Bride Lottery 13 Lullaby

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A handsome farmer from a good family. A beautiful girl from a dead one.

Sarah Daniels is desperate. The handsome guy with the expensive hat looks a little dangerous but she enters the lottery anyway and stands directly across from him. Lucky for her, his name is picked.

Grant Stockton didn’t plan on entering the lottery, but it’s not every day you overhear a conversation that reveals your name will be picked. When a gorgeous blonde with blue eyes enters with her two siblings, he takes the leap. Being married is everything he’d hoped for until she confesses she’s only sixteen after they’ve consummated their marriage.

A girl trying to keep her family together. A husband who keeps comparing her to the sister-in-law he hates. This is going to be a long and dangerous courtship.

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