Bride Lottery 26 The Cowboy by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances for young adults

Bride Lottery 26 The Cowboy

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Three daughters. Three orphans. A cowboy at the right place at the right time.

McKenna Lawson didn’t intend on getting married. Then her parents die two weeks before the lottery. On the absolute worst day of her life, a cowboy gets on the train and tells her exactly how to handle her parents’ burial and funeral. Right before he leaves he gives her his cross necklace. That act of kindness makes her pack her things and take her sisters to a strange town on Lottery Day.

Dustin Kolchak has been in love with Meredith Larson for a year. He spends the last two weeks before Lottery Day courting Meredith and convincing her to be his wife. But that plan goes awry when McKenna Lawson and her sisters show up on Lottery Field minutes before the lottery closes. When Meredith sees his necklace around McKenna’s neck, she doesn’t believe a word he says. In the blink of an eye, his plans have changed and he suddenly has three tomboys living in his house.

A wife trying to get her husband the girl he loves. A husband suddenly falling in love with his wife. Two slumber parties that seal the friendship between two women who would otherwise be enemies. This is one cowboy who’s going to get the girl.

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