Bride Lottery 10 Arranged by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances for young adults

Bride Lottery 10 Arranged

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Six farmers’ daughters. Six wealthy ranchers. An arranged lottery.

Violet Fernwood married Declan O’Neill expecting shopping, parties, and a doting husband. That’s the picture that he painted to her, but that’s not what her life becomes. Every day she’s up at five cooking for sixteen ranch hands and an angry husband. At ten in the evening when she’s finally finished cleaning the kitchen he’s already asleep. No matter how hard she works, it’s never enough and she’s always doing something wrong.

Declan O’Neill is trying to be patient with his young bride, but she makes so many mistakes, one after another, until he finally snaps. He never expected her to run or that he’d have to chase her to get her back. Now the least of his worries is the ranch when his wife is slipping through his fingers.

A hard-working wife who’s had enough. A careless husband who’s made one mistake too many. This runaway bride has no intention of going back.

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