Bride Lottery 9 My Next Husband

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A redhead. Her handsome tormenter.

Penny Mathers has been mercilessly teased about her red hair for the past six years, ever since her father built the new well and the rusty well water turned her deep mahogany hair to a bright red. If she never hears anyone call her Pumpkin again she’ll be blissfully happy. Then her very worst tormenter, Kyle Westbrook, draws her name. Now she’s his bride.

Kyle Westbrook is as surprised as Penny when they end up hitched on Lottery Day. All those years of teasing her come back to haunt him. Before he can fix things, she’s lining up dates for her next husband and moving to the big city to work in a dress shop. How’s he supposed to fix their marriage when she’s so far away?

It’ll take five cowboys and a posse of redhead wannabes to fix this marriage. That’s if she doesn’t line up her next husband first.

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