Bride Lottery 11 Survivor

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Nine men, all locals. One cowboy knight from another town.

Molly Brown has waited for this day, Freedom Day. Now that she’s eighteen she can leave home and not worry that her drunken father will drag her back and beat her to death. There’s just one problem–nine men are signed up for the lottery and they’re all locals. Why couldn’t just one out-of-towner show up? Then handsome rancher Dylan West comes to her rescue.

Dylan West owns a very large and successful cattle ranch. He’s a workaholic and lives alone. He likes it that way. The last thing on his mind is marrying an eighteen year-old kid. But then her father attacks her in front of him and he can’t get her to Lottery Field fast enough. Now he’s got a wife, curtains, canned apples, nail polish, and a nursery. But getting rid of the woman he’s come to know is much harder than he thought.

A girl who would do anything to save her brother. A dangerous flu epidemic. A husband who thought he didn’t want her. Molly Brown is about to get her fairytale ending, but first she’ll have to survive a flu epidemic.

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