Bride Lottery 7 Half a Dozen

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A frightened woman with six children. A man who really doesn’t want to get hitched.

Emma Patrick took in the first of her runaways six years ago. Since then she’s adopted another five. Six kids is too much for any man to handle so Emma has no intention on entering the lottery. Not until two killers show up at her house and burn it to the ground while Emma and the kids narrowly escape. Now she needs a home and protection and for that she’s willing to put up with a man temporarily.

Jack Callahan has finally found a job he’s good at. Managing the general store is perfect for him. It isn’t until he meets Emma Patrick and her wild children that he learns they’re all runaways, even Emma. So taking a chance on that lot is the furthest thing from his mind. Until someone burns their house to the ground forcing them into the lottery.

A woman in desperate need of protection. A man in desperate need of a family. While these two are looking for the two killers who burned Emma’s house down another killer is plotting to keep them apart, permanently.

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