Bride Lottery 6 Two Brothers by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances for young adults

Bride Lottery 6 Two Brothers

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Twenty-seven men. One unconscious woman. One girl.

On Lottery Day, Annie Blake’s sister Beth chickens out of entering the lottery. Far from home and with no money left and three siblings to care for, she does what she has to–she pretends she’s eighteen and enters the lottery.

Mason McNamara never imagined he’d actually get picked at the lottery. Now he has a cute little wife and her three siblings. The younger two are okay, but the older one Beth is a nightmare. And she keeps telling him that his wife isn’t who he thinks she is. Who is Evan and why does his wife speak his name in her sleep and wear his shirt to bed?

She’s underage. He has a meddling brother. This is going to be one rocky courtship.

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