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Bride Lottery 17 Talker

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A talkative woman. A middle brother. A terrible tragedy.

Brigham Caldwell fell in love with Clover Chapman two years ago at the Christmas Dance. Now that she’s eighteen he’s determined to marry her. Luck is on his side at the lottery and he draws her name. But one mistake turns into a tragedy and his wife is hurt most of all.

Clover Chapman knows what the men of Rolling Meadows call her–talker. Is it her fault she’s smarter than most of the men? Or that she has an opinion? When her parents decide it’s time to move to San Francisco she enters the lottery, hoping to find the perfect husband so she won’t have to move. Then Brigham Caldwell, the middle Caldwell brother, draws her name and tells her she talks too much.

One off-hand comment on Lottery Day is going to haunt Brigham Caldwell for the next year. Getting a bride is half the battle. Keeping her is the harder half.

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