Bride Lottery 25 The Obedient Wife

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An obedient daughter. A rich cowboy. A religious community that values obedience above compromise.

Michaela Connor has always been the black sheep of her family. She prays for God to send her a savior on Lottery Day. God sends her Sam. But eventually Sam shows his darker side and she realizes he may be as cruel as her father.

Samuel Tucker goes to New Hope for a bride because the women there are obedient. Then God sends him Michaela Connor, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Life is perfect until he discovers she’s been making plans behind his back. In one day, he manages to shame his wife three different ways. When he returns from a cattle drive, she’s long gone.

A young mother protecting her children. An apologetic husband trying to win her back. A religious community about to learn that obedience comes at a cost.

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