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Bride Lottery 14 Charmed

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A girl looking for her fairytale ending. Three aunts with magical powers.

Angelica Rhodes has been in love with Billy Browning forever. So it’s a surprise when he stands in front of Haley Bennett on Lottery Day. Even when Haley walks off Lottery Field with Clayton Forster, Billy seems more disappointed than remotely happy. That’s when the crush is over and she turns to Michael Jasper, never realizing what events she will set in motion.

Billy Browning thought Haley Bennett liked him. But when another man draws her name at the lottery she’s ecstatic, not the reaction of a woman who’s in love with him. He’s left with no choice but to choose Angelica Rhodes, the niece of his mother’s enemy and the girl who’s followed him around like a puppy dog. But when Angelica starts dating Michael Jasper, he’s feeling things he never expected–like rage and jealousy. Maybe he’s in love with his wife after all.

Two men in love with the same woman. A magistrate trying to prevent a tragedy. Sometimes love takes us where we never expected to go.

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