Bride Lottery 4 Wild Child by Caty Callahan | Sweet romances for young adults

Bride Lottery 4 Wild Child

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Twelve men. Five women. One wild child.

Marrying his bride would be one thing, taming her another.

Keira Fitzgerald is only in the lottery because her sister made her enter. She needs a husband about as much as she needs a hole in the head. But with each passing day and every conversation she begins to realize that not all men are mean like her brother-in-law. Some of them are kind-hearted.

Kevin Flannery knows a wild child when he sees one and Keira is definitely a wild child. The more he talks to Keira the more he realizes there’s a reason she avoids men and maybe what she really needs is a friend she can trust.

Two people from different backgrounds are about to fall in love and narrowly escape a killer.

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